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Sign Up as a Student with an Email Invitation

April 16, 2020

Let's Follow the Instructions

It's time to join ESL Library as a student. Did your teacher send you an email invitation to join ESL Library? 

  1. Go to your email inbox.
  2. Find the invitation from your teacher to join ESL Library.
  3. Click the blue Join Now button.
  4. Choose the green box. Create an Account. (It's your first time using ESL Library.) 
  5. Fill out the form. Start by adding your first name and last name. 
  6. Add your email address.
  7. Add a password.
  8. Click Create an Account.
  9. Choose an avatar (a picture for your profile page).
  10. Click Start Learning.

You are now on your Student Dashboard! This is where you will see your ESL Library assignments.


Next time you come to ESL Library, go to esllibrary.com/students and go to the Log In form. Use the same email and password.


  • You only use the email invitation one time.
  • Next time, go to esllibrary.com/students and Log In. Use the same email address and password each time you log in. 


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Comments (21)

Eunhwa R.(Teacher)

Hello. I am Eunhwa Cha, my student number is 316.
I can't connect to Ell library. My teacher is Noah Myers.
Could you give me a hand?
Thank you.

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Tara B(ESL Library Staff)

Hello! It looks like you accidentally signed up as a teacher instead of a student. I will ask Anthony to fix this for you. Thanks!

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Pushparasa R.(Teacher)

thank you

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

You're welcome! Let us know if you have any questions.

Alm R.(Teacher)

MY name is Asma Hamad, my teacher is Kelli Quinn,
I can't access the ESL library , may I have some help.

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Tammy Wik(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Alm! It looks like you accidentally signed up as a teacher instead of a student. We sent you an email with more information :)

Sakib C.(Student)

Hello. Good evening I couldn't find my teacher n class. Please help me.

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Tammy Wik(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Sakib,

Can you email your teacher and ask them for your class information? If you need more help, you can email us at hello@esllibrary.com

Good luck!

Helen D.(Teacher)

I'm using google classroom. I posted an ESL library grammar exercise for my students, but they can't access it. If I send them an email invitation to join ESL library with a user name/password, do I have to set up another classroom at ESL library ? This might be confusing for them as I only want them to access specific exercises of my choosing. Thanks.

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Tammy Wik(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Helen,

We're still in Stage 1 of implementing our Google Classroom integration, so at the moment, you do need to have first created a class within your teacher's account on esllibrary.com and invited your students to it.

Then, you would assign the homework to your ESL Library classroom or use the Google Classroom button to assign a task.

I'm not sure if that addressed your issue. If you continue to have questions, please feel free to use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page and send us an email. We can have someone from our customer service team help you out :)

Evans M.(Student)

Hello Annette!
Looks like am reaching to the point of understanding. So very great to be in such manner.

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Maryam M.(Student)

It was suppose to have class this evening? But my teacher only sent the library, so it means we don't have any class?

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Tammy Wik(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Maryam,

You should contact your teacher to ask if you have class :) Good luck!

Aeliya Jaffri(Guest)

What is the password after we log in into the site and login as a student

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Tammy Wik(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Aeliya,

When you create your student account for ESL Library, you should also create a password.

When you log in to your student account (at www.esllibrary.com/students ), you should enter the password that you made.

If you don't remember your password, you should ask your teacher for help. They can change your password from within their teacher account :)

Yamile P.(Student)

I am registered in Jun with a teacher but now i am changing teacher. How can i do to access with her?

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Tammy Wik(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Yamile,

  1. Log into your account at www.esllibrary.com/students

  2. Click on your name in the top right corner.

  3. Click "Join a Class". (Ask your new teacher for the Class Code).

Then you will be connected to your new teacher :)

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