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Suggested Lessons & Sections for CLB 5+

May 14, 2021

Are you a Canadian teacher looking for content for your CLB 5+ adult newcomers? ESL Library has several sections you might be interested in. Here are a few places to get started. 

Teach about Life, Work & Culture in Canada

These sections and lessons include content related to LINC themes.

Pre-Employment in Canada

Try a lesson on Career Fairs. (CLB 5)

Living in English 

Try a lesson on Insurance. (CLB 5–7)

Holidays & Events 

Try a lesson on Victoria Day. (CLB 5–6)

Historic Events

Try a lesson on Residential Schools. (CLB 5–8)

Famous People

Try a lesson on Tim Horton. (CLB 5–6)

Famous Places

Try a lesson on Toronto. (CLB 5–6)

Famous Things

Try a lesson on The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (CLB 6–8)

Focus on Skills Needed for Reading & Writing at School & Work

These sections and lessons focus on reading and writing skills.

Writing in English 

Try a lesson on How to Take Notes. (CLB 5–9)

Reading in English 

Try a lesson on Identifying Register. (CLB 6–8)

Grammar Practice Worksheets 

Our Grammar Practice Worksheets lessons include practical writing and speaking prompts.

Try a lesson on Equative, Comparative, & Superlative Adjectives (with two videos). (CLB 5–6)

Read about & Discuss/Debate Real-World Topics

These sections and lessons focus on reading and speaking competencies, including comprehending and sharing information.

Discussion Starters 

Try a lesson on Food Labels. (CLB 7–8)


Try a lesson on Online Privacy. (CLB 7–9)

English with The Washington Post 

Don't let this section title scare you away! We cover plenty of international topics.

Try a lesson on Hoarding Vaccines. (CLB 6–8)

Health Matters

These lessons are all centred around thematic lists.

Try a lesson on Diabetes. (CLB 5–7)

Business Matters

Try a lesson on Leadership Qualities. (CLB 9–11)

Find Extra Resources for CLB 5+

Visit our Resource Library for lots of extra resources and assessment tools. 

You can also invite your students to our For Students section on our blog where they will find extra activities for practising English.

Try Can Making Small Talk Help You Live Longer? 

Useful Courses/Folders for CLB 5+

Here are some ready-made, theme-based folders. You can copy these folders into your own folders to create the modules you need.

Coming Soon...

Here are some intermediate to high-intermediate materials that the publishing team is currently working on. 

ESL Library Folders

Reading for Business (CLB 7+)

Real-World Reading

Watch for a new Soft Skills section. 

Try a lesson on School Letters. (CLB 5–6)

Functional Business 

Watch for this new Business English section that will focus on speaking and listening.

Did you know that we develop materials based on teacher requests? This month we're working on a Holidays & Events lesson on St. Jean Baptiste Day as well as videos for our Everyday Dialogues lessons. These are just a few examples of requests that came in from LINC programs across Canada this spring. Please leave a comment and let us know what you and your students need so that we can try to fit it into our publishing schedule.

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