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Feature Releases & Platform Updates 2021

June 17, 2021


June 17, 2021: We've completely revamped our Collections! These ready-made, grouped lesson collections are curated in-house and organized by theme or function.

Within each collection, you can apply a variety of filters to narrow down your materials selection. Access them directly from any page on the Materials drop down in the main menu.

My Classes Update

May 13, 2021: We’ve added a new icon in your classes under Assignments to help you find which of your students’ homework needs your feedback to be completed.

This icon will also be available in Students and My Classes soon.

Discretion Labels for Lessons

April 21, 2021: We're adding new discretion labels to lessons with sensitive content that may not be initially obvious or suitable for all audiences.

We hope this will help teachers determine what content is most appropriate for their students. Learn more...

Speaking Task

April 19, 2021: Teachers can now assign speaking tasks to students for homework or to help with placement. Choose a theme from our new Speak Up resource to try it out!

Each theme has three questions and students have up to two minutes to record a response for each. Students will see the task on their student dashboard and teachers can leave digital written feedback.

For teachers on iOS devices, we recommend using this feature with Safari only. Learn more...

Grid View For Search Results

April 14, 2021: Teachers are now able to view search results in a grid format! After you enter a search term, click on the new grid icon (⊞) on the top right of the page. You can toggle back to the old list view by clicking on the list icon.

Search Tool

March 25, 2021: Teachers are now able to view search results from all the materials on our site at once, or as individual categories, such as lessons, flashcards, or blog posts.

The new search tool includes two filters: Level (which can be managed in My Account→Settings) and Audience.

Teachers can sort results in one of three ways: by order of relevance to your search term, alphabetically by the title of the material, or by the most recently updated content.

Classes Redesign & Activity Feed

March 19, 2021: Classes have a brand new look! Teachers can now edit and manage their classes and students from the new class Home page, accessible as usual from My Classes.

Here, you'll also find the new Activity Feed, which provides updates about assignments and class members.

Site Notifications

March 12, 2021: Teachers are now able to receive Notifications about assignment due dates and newly published lessons, resources, and folders. You can enable or disable this new feature on your My Account page under Site Notifications.

Reading Task Image Zoom

February 11, 2021: Teachers are now able to click on images in a reading task to focus on them in full screen. The full screen overlay includes zoom controls.

"My Classes" Update

February 11, 2021: Teachers will now find the number of students next to the Students label in My Assignments. The Filter by Class option within My Students now identifies students without a class as None instead of Unsorted.

Student Password Recovery

January 28, 2021: We have released a password recovery feature for students with email accounts, which you’ll now find on the student login screen.

Student Page Updates

January 28, 2021: The new My Assignments tab next to My Students in My Classes allows teachers to view types of assignments, student progress, and their results all in one place.

All Assignments are now automatically sorted by Last Updated. This will be the default order, but teachers can still use whichever filters they like to organize or search the list.

Share Folders within a Group Account

December 11, 2020: Teachers and administrators that are part of a group account can now share custom folders with other users within the same group. This makes it easier for administrators and teachers to develop a curriculum or unit plan using the Folders system and share them with other members within the same school or district. To share a folder, click on the three dots and select the Share With... option. Learn more...

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