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How to Assess Grammar Online

April 9, 2020

Teaching Grammar Online with ESL Library

Teaching grammar can be a challenge at the best of times, and having to suddenly manage it digitally can be especially difficult. We hope this series of posts on how to teach grammar online will be helpful! Please feel free to leave comments and questions below.

This three-part grammar series will cover:

How to Assess Grammar Online

Our Grammar Practice Worksheets section has 60 lessons available on our online platform. Choose any grammar lesson that has the digital (computer) icon. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Standard plan subscribers have free access to all our Premium plan digital tasks, so you will be able to use them all with your students.

As a reminder from our previous post, to assign a task for homework, use the Assign Tasks button from a lesson page or from My Classes under the Class Prep dropdown (see our Help Docs and How-To Videos for help with this). 

You will get your students' results in real time for most tasks. For tasks with written (typed) answers, you will be able to score the answers and leave written feedback for your learners.

Keep in mind that you could also assign tasks for your students to complete during an online session. This way they can complete the tasks individually at their own pace (just as they would in class using a paper-based exercise), and you can see the results for all your students while you're conducting a class using a screensharing platform. After your students complete a task, you could choose to go through it while screensharing to discuss any problems they may have had.


More than half of our online Grammar Practice Worksheets lessons have a quiz on the grammar target from the lesson. We are diligently adding quizzes to the rest and hope to have them all ready soon.

Quizzes are a great way to assess your students' comprehension of an individual grammar target. If they do well, you can confidently move on to another target. If they don't do well, you could reassign some (or all) of the tasks from the lesson to the whole class or just to individual students who need extra practice.

Alternatively, you could assign related online materials for that target. To find related materials, see the Related section on each Lesson Show Page. Click on a lesson or resource and look for the computer icon, or use a screensharing platform to display the PDF version to your students. 

Placement & Final Assessment

We have four grammar tests available online that can be used as intake/placement tests, review, or exit exams. You can assign all tasks from a test or just the parts that you've covered. Most tasks provide instant results with a few open-ended answers where you can leave feedback. Find a lot more useful information on these tests in this post. You will find these tests in our Assessment Tools or Grammar Practice Worksheets sections (or click on the links below).

To preview the tests, click on a link below and click on the computer (digital) icon. Then click on the task title to preview each task.

We hope you found this final post in our three-part series about teaching grammar online useful!

Here are the first two posts in the series: 

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Comments (2)

Karin K.(Teacher)

Hello! I am new here and love your well-structured and straightforward tasks. Just a short question: Can I make the suggested answers to open qustions available to the entire class for self-check or do I have to rate every individual student's answer? Thanks!
Karin from Austria

Reply to Comment

Tanya Trusler(Author)

Hi Karin! We're so happy to hear you're enjoying our materials.

For this type of task, your students will see the suggested answers automatically after you send them your feedback and/or rating. But you can also display the suggested answers to the entire class by clicking on "Task Info" instead of "Launch" while using a screensharing platform.

Also, we are writing another blog post specifically on this type of task (Open-Ended Questions) and making a demo video for it. They will be available on our blog this week, so stay tuned!

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