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Broadcast or Preview Digital Tasks

December 16, 2019

Product Feature Update

Did you know that you can now broadcast (launch) or preview (view Answer Key) our digital tasks from the Digital tab on our lesson pages? 

Broadcast Demo

Here is a demo that shows you how to use the broadcast tool in a live class. To use Broadcast in a class, you will need a shared screen with your students, such as an interactive white board or projector (in a traditional classroom) or a video conferencing platform (in a live online class).

For more information about our digital tools, view these Help Docs!

1. Broadcast

If you want to try or use a digital task exactly as your students do when you assign a digital task, you can now click the rocket and task name on the left side of the task list under the heading Launch. This will automatically launch the digital task so you can try it with your students in class (using a projector or interactive whiteboard). You can also use Broadcast to preview a digital task as a student would see it before you assign it (view the slides on your computer or mobile device). The Broadcast feature is available to use on a shared screen on the Standard or Plus plan.

Uses of Broadcast

  • Teachers can try a digital task exactly as students see an assigned task.
  • Teachers can try a digital task together with their students on a whiteboard or projector.
  • Teachers can take up digital homework with their students in class.
  • Teachers can save on paper instead of printing all the pages from the PDF version (e.g., launch a Read & Listen task and read it over together in class).
  • Teachers can easily display a Read & Listen or Dialogue task while playing the corresponding audio.
  • Teachers can broadcast Warm‑Up tasks to their whole class on a large screen.
  • Teachers can broadcast Discussion tasks or group activities to their whole class on a large screen.
  • Teachers can model how to do a digital task type before assigning it.

2. Answer Key

If you want to quickly preview the answers or contents of a scorable digital task on one page before you launch or assign the task, click on the Answers on the right side of the task list.

Uses of Answer Key

  • Teachers can view digital answers and incorrect choices (where applicable).
  • Teachers can quickly preview digital task on one page before assigning a task (instead of launching to see slideshow version as students see it).
  • Teachers can quickly preview a task to see the key vocabulary.


Broadcast and Answer Key work on desktop or mobile. If you are viewing a digital task list on a mobile device, it will look like this:

If you only have access to the Standard plan features, some of the digital task types are not assignable, but you can do them together with your class on a shared screen. If you are not logged in at all or are not a paid user, you will not be able to launch or view answers for any digital tasks, but you will see the task list. Non-scorable (Reference) tasks (e.g., Read & Listen) have no answers and will appear as n/a in the Answer Key column.


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Comments (17)

Rezan C.(Teacher)

Thank you so much, this is a great help.
You guys are doing a great job!

Reply to Comment

Tara Benwell(Author)

Thanks for your encouragement, Rezan!

Maria C.(Teacher)

I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to use the digital features from your Plus plan. I am an English teacher here in Spain. On Friday the 13th, after schools were closed, I had no idea how I was going to teach my students but over the weekend I had created, assigned and organised my classes to continue teaching on the ESL library. I am still learning but very thankful with all of you!

Reply to Comment

Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi Maria. We're so happy to hear that this platform is helping you during this difficult time. Stay strong!

Marie R.(Teacher)

Amazing offer to help teachers suddenly going digital!
My students will love all the skill building.
You really know how to align with CLB's and use listening.
Thanks so much.

Reply to Comment

Tara Benwell(Author)

Thanks, Marie. We're so happy ESL Library helps you teach your CLB classes. Best of luck using the digital platform!

Deborah M.(Teacher)

Thank you so much from Raleigh, N.C. Your company was always great but now I am so pleased you are providing us with these added features.
I am a true ESLibrary fan! Your company is truly committed to helping students learn.

Reply to Comment

Tara Benwell(Author)

Thanks, Deborah! We're grateful to be able to help teachers and learners during this difficult time. Stay strong!

Mahjabeen H.(Teacher)

I agree with others 100%! You guys are doing a great job! My adult ESL students have been able to transition to online learning mode very smoothly without any glitches. This is a huge step for those who I had been encouraging to not restrict their learning to the classroom.
For me as an ESL instructor, the variety of lessons are a blessing! Thank you very much!

Reply to Comment

Tara B(ESL Library Staff)

Thanks so much for your encouragement! We will continue to add new materials and to upload digital versions of those that currently only exist as print. Let us know if you have any special needs!

Robyn L.(Teacher)

Thanks so much for continuing to provide wonderful resources. I only use the printed format as I work in a Corrections institute teaching EAL to prisoners. We are currently locked out of the prison but I am continuing to print off and collate workbooks which are being sent in for the guys to continue with their learning. A thousand blessings to you all!

Reply to Comment

Tara B(ESL Library Staff)

Hi, Robyn!
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. We love learning how teachers and learners use the materials, and it's helpful to know the print versions are still coming in handy for some during this difficult time. Stay strong!

Véronique P.(Teacher)

This was very helpfull!! I was going bonkers with only the printable option! Thank you for the free upgrade. ;)

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Viviane G.(Teacher)

Thanks for going digital! This is going to be a very helpful tool for many of my different department classes.

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Kathyann Vaughn-Berger(Guest)

How do I assign work from ESL Library to my students on Google Classroom?

Reply to Comment

Tammy W.(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Kathyann,

We have a How-To Video about assigning homework, which might help: https://help.esllibrary.com/article/122-how-to-assign-digital-homework

There has been a recent update for Google Classroom. When you choose your due dates for the digital tasks and click "Save", a box will pop up to let you know that everything has been updated for your students in real time. It will also tell you that if you use Google Classroom, you can click on the green person icon and it will add the homework to your Google Classroom. We have more integrations for Google Classroom that will be rolling out soon (and also a How-To Video on assigning homework on Google Classroom—you just beat me to the punch!)

Just as a side note, on any asynchronous platform, you can always post a note like "Hey guys, I just posted some new homework. Go to www.esllibrary.com/students and complete your homework." (Just make sure they've created a student account first on ESL Library and connected to your class...and this is all explained in that video I linked above :) )

Happy teaching!

Jane M.(Teacher)

this is lovely

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