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View Results for Multiple Attempts

April 23, 2020

Do your students like to keep practicing their digital tasks until they get the correct answers? At the end of a digital task, students have the option to Try Again.*

Until recently, this was just a practice mode for your students. With our new feature, teachers can view detailed results of students' multiple attempts, including the score, time spent, completion day/time, and full answers. Your students can also see the detailed results for each of their own attempts, which will help them track their own progress.

Here is a quick demo for you:

*Note that our Open-Ended Questions task type now allows for multiple attempts. After students submit their written answers, they can view their results and ESL Library's Suggested Answers (if applicable). They see a message that tells them to wait for teacher feedback (however they can retry at any time as a new attempt). After you assess their first attempt, they receive a notification to view your feedback. We're working on a new feature that will allow students to edit their first attempt after receiving feedback and resubmit. At this time, you are only able to assess their first attempt.

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Comments (8)

Janfer L.(Teacher)

Would it be possible for you to change the "view" button so that after I have clicked on that to see a student's results, it will show "seen" or "assessed" so that I know when I go back to that task in my classroom, I can see which students' results I've looked at and which I still have to look at. With no indicator, I'm checking and rechecking.

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi, Jenny! Thanks for your valuable feedback. I've passed this on to our LMS team.

Pia M.(Teacher)

Would it be possible to assign "single" tasks a second time? (Which students may have missed or need more practice with)
Also, would it be possible to add tasks, without deleting previously assigned ones??

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi Pia. We don't currently have a feature where you can assign a task to an individual student within a class. We do plan on adding this feature. Here is a little workaround for you: https://help.esllibrary.com/article/195-assigning-digital-tasks-to-multi-level-classes
For your second question, are you referring to an Open-Ended Question task? Students can now Retry an Open-Ended Question task (as of April 25) as they can with the other tasks. They do not have to wait for your assessment, but they can if they wish. You can reassign any task after the due date has passed, however this is not necessary if it's just practice as students are able to do past assignments at any time.

Sharon H.(Teacher)

that after I have clicked on that to see a student's results, it will show "seen" or I would like to echo the comment above to request an indicator allowing me to see what I've already "assessed." I, too, am spending unnecessary time to see which tasks I've already assessed. Thank you!

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Lei Kayanuma(Author)

Hello Sharon, thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, we do not have this feature at this time. However, we have brought this feature request to our developers for consideration in a future update!

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Missy S.(Teacher)

Hi! I wish there were a setting where a student could try an exercise multiple times, and the score that would show for them would be the final (hopefully more successful) one. Just wishing!

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Lei Kayanuma(Author)

Hello, Missy! Thanks for your feedback. You can actually view their best score by exporting the student results, either from the main class page or the specific lessons you assigned. Here's a great video tutorial that shows you how you can do this: https://help.esllibrary.com/article/201-how-to-export-class-results

If you require further support, please reach out to us at hello@esllibrary.com Thanks, Missy!

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