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Teacher Feature: Keke

August 6, 2021

This article is part of a series of posts highlighting our community of teachers around the world. We hope you find their stories interesting and inspiring!

Keke never planned on becoming a teacher. She first worked as an actress and pursued a career in broadcasting; however, her plans changed in 2005 when she got the chance to teach in Japan. She’s now been a teacher for 14 years.

“I have really enjoyed teaching. It is wonderful to teach students from all nationalities, backgrounds, and different age groups.”

A woman in a classroom writing on a whiteboard while students sit at their desks.

Here, Keke is pictured teaching pre-pandemic.

Currently, she’s situated in Guadalajara, Mexico and is teaching online. In addition to teaching English as a Second Language, she also teaches Spanish, American Sign Language, and Mexican Sign Language. Her students vary in level and age, ranging from elementary school age to adults.

Keke enjoys the flexibility that comes with teaching online. She loves being able to teach multiple languages to students all over the world. Most days, she teaches classes from morning until night.

“The nice thing about teaching online is that I get to take breaks in between my classes which helps to keep my mind refreshed and active.”

A laptop showing a Zoom call with several students.

In this picture, Keke is teaching one of her online classes.

Keke is a big fan of ESL Library. Check out Keke’s text response below to learn more about why she loves ESL Library and how she uses it with her students.

💬 Hello!!!

My name is Kennyetta "Keke" Morales and I teach ESL and other languages online. I really enjoy using ESL library because it is so organized. Whether I am teaching a beginner or advanced ESL student, ESL Library has all the tools that I need to prepare my lessons in advance. Also, I think that it is great that I can give my students an assessment exam to confirm what their level is before I actually start to teach my students. The assessment exam also gives me an opportunity to think about the needs of students and which materials will be appropiate for their level. ESL Library is one of the best online digital tools for teaching and I am so excited about using it.

Thank you ESL Library!

Language teacher,
Keke Morales

For Keke, the most challenging part about being a teacher is convincing her students that they are capable of learning English and that doing so will open doors for them.

“I do my best to remind them that they can reach their goals but that it will not happen overnight. If they are determined to succeed, they can reach their goal of learning ESL.”

The most rewarding part is seeing her students progress.

“It brings joy to my heart and it makes me want to continue to teach as many people as I can and inspire them to never give up on their hopes and dreams. Being a teacher is a rewarding field even though at times it can be very challenging, but once you see the impact that you can have on the lives of others, you will never regret becoming a teacher.”

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Comments (4)

Marinelle Warren(Guest)

I'm proud 👏 extremely proud, I raised my daughter to be a loving considerate person, teaching came naturally to her, whatever she sets her mind to do she does it and excel. Even though teaching was not her career plan at first, but when she was asked to teach for short time and saw how enjoyable and fulfilling it is, she dive into it head on with a full heart. Now it's a passion for her to teach others and see them progress and see the future in a different light. What would life be like without someone to teach, and those who wants to learn and take in the knowledge. Great, wonderful, experience compassionate teachers such as my daughter Keke Morales is to be rewarded.
The world will need teachers now and in the new world to come. "BRAVO" to all teachers. 👏👏👏🤗👏🤗👏🤗

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    Melissa Bender(Author)

    Hi Marinelle. Thanks for your comment. I really enjoyed getting to know Keke and being able to share her story on the blog! Her passion for teaching and compassion for her students is evident.

    Olivia F.(Teacher)

    An adventure often turns into a lifetime commitment and the love of your life. While my career is Nursing/Law, by greatest enjoyment is an ESL volunteer teacher around the world as part of my travels and holidays.

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    Lei Kayanuma(Author)

    Thanks for sharing, Olivia! That must be a great opportunity to be able to teach and travel at the same time :)

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