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Teaching with Digital Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 18, 2020

Temporary Upgrade to Our Plus Plan Features During the COVID‑19 Pandemic

Understanding that many schools have had to suddenly close and shift to online teaching, we are making our Plus plan features available to all of our Standard plan users at no additional cost during the COVID‑19 crisis. Our Broadcast tool will remain a permanent part of the Standard plan moving forward, and our Digital Homework tools and Results tools will be included in the Standard plan until at least June 30th, 2020.

Video Tutorials to Help You Teach English During COVID‑19

For those of you on our Standard plan who are not familiar with how to use the digital tools from the Plus plan, we’ve posted these videos below. Please reach out if you need help.

How to Broadcast Interactive Tasks

How to Assign Digital Homework

How to Set Up Student Accounts

COVID‑19 Teaching Resources

We have also been developing several resources specific to teaching about COVID‑19. All of the PDF versions of our COVID‑19 resources are temporarily free for all teachers whether you have a subscription plan or not. Simply sign up for a free account and download the PDFs. The digital lessons are currently available for Standard and Plus plan members.


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Comments (17)

Daisy M.(Teacher)

Thank you for your support ESLlibrary. Ben your YouTube videos were great easy to follow and understand:)
Would I be able to add ESLlibrary assignments on to google classroom?

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi Daisy. We are considering several integration tools, but at this time we don't have this option available. Many teachers simply type the link to the ESL Library student log on Google Classroom: esllibrary.com/students. Then students have easy access to the lessons you assign on their ESL Library dashboards. You can also use Google Classroom to tell students that they have new ESL Library work to do.

Stephanie V.(Teacher)

Thanks for these great resources, which we are going to try during this time. One suggestion - since students will be doing the activities at home, simple instructions to complete the tasks would be great. For example, where there is vocabulary matching, it would be great to say "Click on the word, then click n the definition." My low level students (who are also not too computer literate) need this!! Thanks!

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your feedback! We recently switched our Image Match and Matching tasks to click and click (they were previously drag and drop). We're watching to see how many students struggle with these tasks. We may change the instructions to include the word "click." Also, we're working on some digital literacy flashcards and lessons. Stay tuned!

Darlene F.(Teacher)

Ben, thank you (and your amazing staff) for making these videos and lessons. The videos are clear, short, and well-organized... making it easy for all of us. We appreciate all that you are doing to help us to transition to virtual learning!

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Tara Benwell(Author)

We're so happy to hear that the videos are helpful! Best of luck with your online teaching.

Jeff B.(Teacher)

Hi, thanks for the video. You didn't actually mention it in the video but in order to do a broadcast do I need to use a screen sharing platform such as Google Hangouts?
What would you recommend as the best platform, the best method of interacting with students on line?

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi Jeff,
I'm sorry if we missed explaining this in our webinar. Yes, for a live lesson, you need to use ESL Library in combination with a screen sharing platform. We mention some in the answer to this question on our FAQ (the first question), though we don't recommend one specifically: https://esllibrary.com/blog/faq-teachers

Marg H.(Teacher)

How do I cancel a digital assignment once I assigned it? I assigned a task to the wrong class:(

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi Anita. Search for the lesson (e.g., Distracted Driving) and choose the Digital tab. Then click on Assign Tasks. Cancel or edit the lesson. Then change your class in the dropdown and reassign it. I hope that helps!

Eleonora T.(Teacher)

thank you for your support and clarifications.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

You're most welcome, Eleonora!

Stephanie V.(Teacher)

Hi - I am using the digital lessons with my students and they're great! I have a question: What do the students have access to with their accounts? For example, can they access the PDFs from their account? Thanks so much!!

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

Hi Stephanie,

We're happy to hear that! Students have access to the tasks/lessons you assign (including the audio within the tasks). They are not able to access the PDFs themselves, but you can download a PDF and email it to your students if you feel they need to see something in the print version (or you can show it to students during an online class while using a screensharing platform).

Connie F.(Teacher)

I always send HyperDocs to my students. Can I just have a link to a specific task to copy and paste in my Hyperdoc? I was to choose the order in which they will be doing the activities.

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Tammy W.(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Connie,

I think the best option for your HyperDocs is to use the link www.esllibrary.com/students You can use this same link every time.

First (and only one time), you will need to create a class within ESL Library and invite your students to the class. Then, once your students are all connected, you can assign tasks to that class. Your students will be able to go to the www.esllibrary.com/students link to log into their student account and see any assignments that you've assigned to them. Since you set the due dates, you also set the order that students will do the activities.

You can learn how to Create Classes & Invite Students at this help page: https://help.esllibrary.com/article/115-how-to-create-classes-on-esl-library-digital

Hope that helps!

Luwengo L.(Teacher)

Thank you so much for these videos . There are really helpful.

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