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Featured Lesson


Ramadan begins on April 12 and continues until May 12. In our ready-made Holidays & Events lessons, students will learn about this religious holiday that is celebrated by 1.6 billion people worldwide.

English with The Washington Post

Setbacks in Women's Equality

How has the COVID-19 pandemic caused setbacks to women's equality? Students will explore this question in our new lesson, featuring modified business-related content from The Washington Post. The lesson features vocab, a comprehension, and discussion questions.

Lesson Of The Week

The Titanic

Titanic Remembrance Day is observed every year on April 15 to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic and the 1500+ lives that were lost. In this Historic Events lesson, students read about the Titanic, review new vocab, and discuss the event. This lesson includes a pair-work activity and a class project.

Grammar of the Week

Adverbs of Manner

Students will learn the form and sentence positions for adverbs of manner in this Grammar Practice Worksheets lesson, featuring a new video. Students will also be introduced to adverbs with two forms.