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English with The Washington Post

COVID-19 at the Olympics

Students read about the COVID safety protocols in place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This digital-only lesson features content from The Washington Post and includes comprehension and discussion questions.

Lesson Of The Week

International Day of Friendship

July 30 is International Day of Friendship! Try our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson, featuring comprehension exercises and a vocabulary review. Students discuss the intricacies of friendship and phrasal verbs are also introduced.

Resource of the Week

Work Schedules

In this new Real-World Reading resource, students read three work schedules and answer comprehension questions. The lesson includes a vocabulary review and an assessment task.

Featured Lesson

Terry Fox

July 28 would've been Terry Fox's 63rd birthday. Teach students about the Canadian humanitarian and cancer research activist whose cross-country Marathon of Hope captured the nation's attention. Students learn new vocabulary and discuss raising money for good causes.

Lesson Of The Week

Comparative Adjectives

Students study the form and use of comparative adjectives in this Fun Grammar Lesson. They also review common spelling rules and practice making comparisons through speaking, writing, and pair work exercises.