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93 memorial day
Lesson of the Week

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is on May 27. Your students can learn all about this important American holiday in our Holidays & Events lesson. This lesson includes practice on summarizing.

82 tornadoes
Featured Lesson


It's tornado season. Teach your learners about how tornadoes form in this ready-made earth science lesson. Includes a mini-lesson on phrasal verbs.

116 verbs
Featured Grammar

Present Perfect

Your students can review and practice the two common uses of the present perfect tense through dialogues, stories, travel plans, and more in this Fun Grammar Lesson.

81 notre dame
New Lesson


In this new Famous Places lesson, students learn the history and architectural features of Notre-Dame de Paris. Students also review adjectives clauses.

Featured Discussion

The New Moon Race

It has been almost 50 years since humans landed on the moon. Which country will be the next to put a man on the moon? Try our Discussion Starters lesson and get your students talking. Watch for an upcoming anniversary lesson on Apollo 11!