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ESL Lesson Categories

Lesson Of The Week

Wind Farms

This Famous Things lesson on wind farms is an excellent resource for Global Wind Day on June 15. Students will read about the purpose of wind farms and review the use of suffixes for forming adjectives. This lesson also includes an optional research task.

Lesson Of The Week

Father's Day Fun

In many parts of the world, the third Sunday in June is celebrated as Father's Day. In this new Word Bank Reader, students read a simple story about Father's Day activities and answer comprehension questions. Students can also listen to the audio. The vocabulary from this lesson is taught in the Father's Day lesson in our Word Bank section.

English with The Washington Post

Texas Bakery Supports Pride

June is celebrated as Pride Month in America and some other countries around the world. In this new lesson featuring content from The Washington Post, students read about a Texan bakery that received backlash for selling pride-themed rainbow cookies. The lesson includes photos, a comprehension, and discussion questions.

Lesson of the Week


Juneteenth, celebrated every year on June 19, commemorates the effective end of slavery in the US. In this Holidays & Events lesson, students learn about the observance that civil rights activists are working to get recognized as an official holiday.

Grammar of the Week

Subject Pronouns

In this new Super Simple Grammar lesson, students learn the subject pronouns in English. They also learn vocabulary for common actions, like "walk" and "sleep."