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Viola Desmond

This week Canada recognizes Viola Desmond, a civil rights activist who fought against segregation in Nova Scotia. A new $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights went into circulation this week. Try our NEW Famous People lessons.

Lessons of the Week


American Thanksgiving is on November 22. Try our ready-made Holidays & Events lessons with your English learners, and learn the history of this harvest festival. We also have a Thanksgiving lesson for absolute beginners in our Word Bank section.

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New Grammar Lesson

Present Progressive

Pre-beginner students of all ages will love the fully illustrated, easy-to-follow format of our new Super Simple Grammar lesson on the present progressive tense.

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Black Friday

Black Friday season has begun! In this NEW Holidays & Events lesson, students read about the history of this holiday. They also discuss consumerism. This lesson includes a review of transition words and phrases.