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Featured Project

Peace Project

September 21 is International Day of Peace (World Peace Day). It's the perfect time to try our ready-made Group Project on Peace. In this project, groups research various people and organizations that have won the Nobel Peace Prize. The driving question for this project is: Who or what inspires you to promote peace?

Featured Grammar

Simple Past

What did your students do this summer? Get them ready for this discussion by reviewing the simple past tense of common regular and irregular verbs in this Grammar Practice Worksheets lesson.

Featured Lesson


Firefighters are working around the clock battling wildfires on the west coast of the US. Is wildfire season getting worse each year? In this lesson, your students will learn about the causes and effects of wildfires. This lesson also reviews words for measuring land size.

Featured Lesson

Terry Fox

Try our featured Famous People lessons about a real Canadian hero whose Marathon of Hope inspired the world.