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Featured Digital Lesson

Face Masks

Should children wear face masks at school? Should world leaders wear face masks? Are face masks the new normal? This featured digital-only Discussion Starters lesson will get your students talking.

Lesson Of The Week

Independence Day

On July 4, Americans all over the world celebrate Independence Day! Find our beginner and intermediate lessons on this holiday in our Holidays & Events section. We also have a Word Bank lesson about Independence Day for your absolute beginners.

Featured Lessons

Ocean Garbage

What are microplastics and how are they damaging our oceans? We have low- and high-intermediate Discussion Starters lessons about this important environmental issue. Get your students talking!

Revised Lesson

Who’s the Person Who Plays the Guitar?

Teach your students about adjective (relative) clauses using our newly illustrated and rewritten Basic Grammar Sentences lesson. This lesson is also available in digital format.