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108 peace project
Featured Project

Peace Project

September 21 is International Day of Peace (World Peace Day). It's the perfect time to try our ready-made Group Project on Peace. In this project, groups research various people and organizations that have won the Nobel Peace Prize. The driving question for this project is: Who or what inspires you to promote peace?

72 retirement savings
Featured Lesson

Retirement Savings

Are your students preparing for their retirement already? In this Discussion Starters lesson, students read about and discuss financial planning for retirement.

127 identifying the layout
New Lesson

Identifying the Layout

In this Reading in English lesson, your students will learn how to identify the layout of various types of formatted text. They will also learn how to find key information on maps, diagrams, tables, and other formatted texts.

88 modals
Featured Grammar

Modals of Ability – Past

What could your students do when they were children? What can they do now? They’ll learn to express past abilities and compare can and could in context in this Grammar Practice Worksheets lesson.