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72 superstitions
Lesson of the Day


It's Friday the 13th! In this Discussion Starters lesson, students read about various superstitions. They also share superstitions from their own cultures and review the first conditional.

80 boris johnson
Lesson Of The Week

Boris Johnson

Have your students been following the UK general election? Try our featured Famous People lesson on Boris Johnson.

127 identifying implied information
New Lesson

Understanding the Implied Meaning

Are you working on high-level reading strategies with your English learners? In this Reading in English lesson, your students will learn how to identify and understand implied meaning in written texts. Students will also master the difference between the commonly confused words “imply” and “infer.”

90 synonym and antonym stories
Featured Grammar

Synonym & Antonym Stories

Expand your students’ vocabulary and sharpen their grammar skills with our fun Grammar Stories. You could also try assigning these stories as digital reading homework!