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89 what is this
New Lesson

What's This?

Check out the first of our new and improved Basic Grammar Sentences lessons! In this lesson, students learn how to ask and answer questions about common classroom objects using “this” and “that.”

104 assessment
New Resource

Needs Assessment (Pictorial)

Do you teach literacy to newcomers? Invite your learners to tell you what they want to focus on with our new pictorial Needs Assessment tool. You'll find three different styles to choose from!

Featured Lesson

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year (also called "Chinese New Year" and "Spring Festival") begins on January 25. In this Holidays & Events lesson, your students will study the Chinese Zodiac and learn "red" idioms. 2020 is the Year of the Rat. Try the Digital version of this lesson or assign some tasks for homework!

93 australia day
Featured Lesson

Australia Day

Our hearts are with Australia during this difficult time. Australia Day takes place on January 26. In our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson, your students will learn some interesting Australian history and some fun Aussie slang. This lesson is available on Digital. Assign some tasks to your students for homework, such as Listen & Type.