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93 left handers day
Lesson Of The Week

Left-Handers' Day

Only 7–10% of people are left-handed by nature. People often get teased for being left-handed, but August 13th is a day to celebrate being a southpaw! Try our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson with your English learners.

123 verbs
Featured Grammar

Present Progressive

Pre-beginner students of all ages will love the fully illustrated, easy-to-follow format of our Super Simple Grammar lesson on the present progressive tense.

72 school uniforms
Featured Lesson

School Uniforms

Some students get to dress as they please while others are required to wear a uniform. Try our ready-made Discussion Starters lesson and get your students talking about the pros and cons of school uniforms.

93 brother and sisters day
Featured Lesson

Raksha Bandhan (Brother & Sister's Day)

Raksha Bandhan is on August 15. Teach your students about this special day for brothers and sisters in India. Our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson will also get your students talking about siblings.