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110 whats your name

What's Your Name?

Super Simple Questions

Pre Beg

About this printable lesson

Try using this lesson in the first week of class with your absolute beginners. After doing this lesson, students will be able to say and spell their name and their classmates' names. This lesson also introduces or reviews the letters of the alphabet and some basic vocabulary (nouns). You can follow up with the lesson How Old Are You?

In This Lesson

  • listening to dialogues
  • reading dialogues
  • writing practice
  • introduction to the alphabet
  • pair speaking practice
  • sentence building
  • vocabulary
  • assessment (optional)
  • apple
  • ball
  • cat
  • dog
  • egg
  • fish
  • giraffe
  • house
  • ice cream
  • juice
  • house
  • kite
  • leaf
  • more...
  • letters of the alphabet