116 sentence constructions

Parts of Speech

Fun Grammar Lessons
  • Low Int – Int
  • 2–3 hours
  • 14

Students will learn to identify the seven main parts of speech by meaning and sentence position. Through various activities such as sentence analysis, a card game, a board race, and a quiz, students will gain confidence in their speaking and writing when forming English sentences in the future.

For teaching teens and adults, use our Grammar Practice Worksheets lesson on parts of speech.

Lesson Tasks
  • grammar notes
  • part of speech identification
  • word analysis
  • card activity
  • questions
  • sentence analysis
  • board race
  • quiz
  • parts of speech
  • nouns
  • pronouns
  • verbs
  • articles
  • adjectives
  • adverbs
  • prepositions
  • conjunctions