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Pandemic Puppies

In this lesson featuring content from The Washington Post, students watch and respond to a video. The video describes the separation anxiety experienced by newly adopted dogs who lacked proper socialization and separation from humans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • keep up
  • separation anxiety
  • revolve around
  • lift (restrictions)
  • exposure
  • structure
  • transition
  • break the bank
  • trigger
  • positive reinforcement
  • feed into
  • pay off
  • used to
  • be used to
  • get used to
Task Content
  • Vocabulary Preview A(Matching)
  • Vocabulary Preview B(Matching)
  • Video(Reference)
  • Usage Note(Reference)
  • Grammar Review: Used To(Reference)
  • Grammar Practice(Type in the Blanks)
  • Comprehension(Multiple-Choice)
  • Writing Practice(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Personal Response(Speaking Task)