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74 recipe

How to Write a Recipe

Writing in English

High Int – Adv

In this lesson, students learn and practice procedural writing and how to write a recipe. They review imperative verb forms and parallel structure, and learn new cooking adjectives and verbs. They also write and test a recipe. It would be useful to have cookbooks, magazines, or websites with recipes available for students to browse.

  • 2–3 hours
  • 10 pages

This lesson does not contain audio.

  • warm-up
  • reading
  • vocabulary review tasks
  • comprehension
  • using abbreviations
  • reviewing measurements
  • writing practice
  • peer evaluation
  • parallel
  • recipe
  • ingredients
  • meal
  • appetizer
  • utensil
  • pairing
  • logically
  • scrumptious
  • easy peasy
  • seasonings
  • room temperature
  • parallel structure
  • imperative form