74 capital letters

How to Use Capital Letters

Writing in English
  • Beg
  • 1.5–2 hours
  • 11

In this lesson, students review some helpful tips for using capital letters. They learn about proper nouns and practice writing titles. They also learn how to avoid some common writing errors that English learners often make.

For absolute beginners that are learning the alphabet, you can simply print pages 3 and 4. This lesson can also be used with intermediate level learners who regularly make mistakes with capital letters.

Lesson Tasks
  • warm-up
  • vocabulary review tasks
  • reference
  • printing practice
  • grammar review
  • common errors
  • checklist
  • practice
  • capital
  • lowercase
  • proper noun
  • common noun
  • month
  • trace
  • difficult
  • acronym
  • nationality
  • title
  • proper nouns