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From bartering to boutiques to grocery stores, this unit covers all aspects of shopping. Topics include comparative shopping, garage sales, and retail giant Sam Walton.

  • consumer
  • range
  • suburban area
  • primarily
  • utensils
  • residential area
  • resemble
  • reluctant
  • merchandise
  • purchase
  • refund
  • discount
  • uncountable nouns
PDF Content
  • discussion questions
  • vocabulary review tasks
  • reading practice
  • pair work
  • group activity
Task Content
  • Discussion(Reference)
  • Type of Stores(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Did you know?(Reference)
  • Sorting A(Multiple-Choice)
  • Sorting B(Multiple-Choice)
  • Sorting C(Multiple-Choice)
  • Sorting D(Multiple-Choice)
  • Sorting E(Multiple-Choice)
  • Matching A(Matching)
  • Matching B(Matching)
  • Pair Work (Student A)(Reference)
  • Pair Work (Student B)(Reference)
  • Pair Work: Comparative Shopping(Reference)
  • Vocabulary A(Matching)
  • Vocabulary B(Matching)
  • Reading(Reference)
  • Comprehension A(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Comprehension B(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Garage Sales: Discussion(Reference)
  • Garage Sales: Vocabulary A(Matching)
  • Garage Sales: Vocabulary B(Matching)
  • Garage Sales: Vocabulary C(Matching)
  • Garage Sales: Vocabulary D(Matching)
  • Garage Sales: Reading(Reference)
  • Sam Walton - A Retailing Giant(Type in the Blanks)