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Getting Acquainted

Living in English

Low Int – Int

This is an ideal unit to break the ice with a set of students who do not know each other. The communicative activities relate to greetings, small talk, and etiquette.

This lesson mentions alcohol.

Learn More

  • to get acquainted
  • to break the ice
  • small talk
  • to talk shop
  • rude
  • etiquette
  • gestures
  • greetings
  • nickname
  • surname
  • maiden name
  • to address someone
  • title
  • When in Rome do as the Romans do
  • universal
  • question formation
PDF Content
  • getting to know your classmates
  • pair work
  • language development
  • reading
  • discussion
  • vocabulary review
  • class activity
  • assessment task
Task Content
  • Making Questions(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Having a Conversation(Reference)
  • Reading A(Reference)
  • Comprehension(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Reading B(Reference)
  • Comprehension (Open-Ended Questions)
  • Language Development(Reference)
  • Vocabulary, Idioms & Expressions(Reference)
  • Reading(Reference)
  • Discussion(Reference)
  • Vocabulary Review A(Type in the Blanks)
  • Vocabulary Review B(Type in the Blanks)
  • Review - Asking Questions(Open-Ended Questions)