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80 royalty jigsaw

Royalty Jigsaw

Famous People


About this printable lesson

Students learn independently about a member of "royalty." They then share their knowledge and new vocabulary with three other students. The group discusses four members of "royalty," comparing and contrasting the famous people they have learned about.

Lesson Materials

  • Est. time to teach:2 hours
  • Pages:8

In This Lesson

  • vocabulary review tasks
  • reading
  • comprehension questions
  • group discussion
  • information gap
  • heir
  • throne
  • charity
  • custody
  • mourn
  • Commonwealth
  • duties
  • coronation
  • subjects
  • rule
  • architecture
  • urban planning
  • dedicate
  • encourage
  • welfare
  • choir
  • impress
  • influence
  • reclusive
  • abuse