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80 black history jigsaw

Black History Jigsaw

Famous People


About this printable lesson

Students are broken up into groups of four. Each student learns about one famous black American figure. The students then come together and share their knowledge. They also have a group discussion about civil rights and the four famous figures they learned about.

Lesson Materials

  • Est. time to teach:2 hours
  • Pages:8

In This Lesson

  • vocabulary review tasks
  • reading
  • comprehension questions
  • group discussion
  • information gap
  • train
  • minister
  • bomb
  • persuade
  • inspire
  • rural
  • segregated
  • cocktail waitress
  • autobiography
  • grim
  • host
  • tune in abused
  • encourage
  • nominate
  • injustice
  • discrimination
  • amateur
  • fame
  • racism