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Hillary Clinton

Famous People

Int – High Int

In this lesson, students learn about an American politician who tried to become the first female US president. They read a short biography and talk about the highest "glass ceiling."

This content may not be appropriate for all students. Teacher discretion is advised.

Learn More

  • task force
  • reform
  • impeach
  • intern
  • scandal
  • Senate
  • nomination
  • foreign affairs
  • classified
  • careless
  • opponent
  • get ugly
PDF Content
  • warm-up
  • reading
  • vocabulary review tasks
  • comprehension questions
  • writing practice
Task Content
  • Warm-Up(Reference)
  • Vocabulary Preview A(Matching)
  • Vocabulary Preview B(Matching)
  • Read & Listen(Reference)
  • Quote(Reference)
  • True or False(True or False)
  • Timeline(Sequencing)
  • Vocabulary Review A(Multiple-Choice)
  • Vocabulary Review B(Multiple-Choice)
  • Guessing Game (Open-Ended Questions)
  • Discussion (Reference)
  • Personal Response(Speaking Task)