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88 simple verb tenses

Simple Future

Grammar Practice Worksheets

Low Int – Int

About this printable lesson

This lesson covers all three ways to form the future tense (with ​will, be going to,​ and ​the present progressive​). Students will study the differences between the three forms and practice using them through individual, pair, and group exercises.

Lesson Materials

  • Est. time to teach:4 hours
  • Pages:22

In This Lesson

  • grammar review
  • grammar explanation
  • grammar chart
  • examples
  • grammar practice exercises
  • speaking exercises
  • writing exercises
  • pair work
  • group work
  • quiz
  • will
  • be going to
  • present progressive
  • will vs. be going to
  • will vs. be going to vs. present progressive
  • time markers