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Second Conditional

Students learn and practice the second conditional through writing and speaking activities. They also learn the difference between hope and wish. This lesson includes a mixed review of the first and second conditional.

  • if + past / would + verb
  • second conditional
  • unreal conditional
  • unlikely / impossible in the future
  • hypothetical situations
  • hope & wish
  • first & second conditional
PDF Content
  • grammar notes
  • multiple-choice
  • fill in the blanks
  • matching
  • complete the sentences
  • comprehension
  • survey
  • what's your advice?
  • negative sentences
  • group discussion
  • hope & wish
  • quiz: first & second conditional
Task Content
  • Grammar Notes(Reference)
  • Positive Sentences(Multiple-Choice)
  • Complete the Sentences(Type in the Blanks)
  • Matching A(Matching)
  • Matching B(Matching)
  • Comprehension(Multiple-Choice)
  • Negative Sentences(Type in the Blanks)
  • Discussion(Reference)
  • Hope & Wish(Reference)
  • Quiz: First & Second Conditional(Multiple-Choice)