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88 conditionals

Second Conditional

Grammar Practice Worksheets


About this printable lesson

Students learn and practice the second conditional through writing and speaking activities. They also learn the difference between hope and wish. This lesson includes a mixed review of the first and second conditional.

Lesson Materials

  • Est. time to teach:2–3 hours
  • Pages:14

In This Lesson

  • grammar notes
  • multiple-choice
  • fill in the blanks
  • matching
  • complete the sentences
  • comprehension
  • survey
  • what's your advice?
  • negative sentences
  • group discussion
  • hope & wish
  • quiz: first & second conditional
  • if + past / would + verb
  • second conditional
  • unreal conditional
  • unlikely / impossible in the future
  • hypothetical situations
  • hope & wish
  • first & second conditional