88 perfect verb tenses

Verb Tense Review 2 – The Perfect Tenses

Grammar Practice Worksheets
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  • 2 hours
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Do your students truly understand the form, function, and time markers for the perfect verb tenses? This review lesson offers exercises that combine the present perfect, present perfect progressive, past perfect, past perfect progressive, future perfect, and future perfect progressive. Are your students able to distinguish when to use all 12 verb tenses in context? This lesson also includes two review exercises that combine all 12 tenses.

Lesson Tasks
  • grammar review
  • grammar explanation
  • grammar charts
  • examples
  • grammar exercises
  • speaking exercises
  • writing exercises
  • quiz
  • future perfect
  • future perfect progressive
  • past perfect
  • past perfect progressive
  • present perfect
  • present perfect progressive
  • simple future
  • future progressive
  • simple past
  • past progressive
  • simple present
  • present progressive
  • time markers