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Accepting & Declining Invitations

Students practice extending, accepting, and declining invitations in spoken English. They also review what information to include in an invitation. Includes optional assessment tasks.

  • wondering
  • would love to
  • can't make it
  • free (available)
  • double-check
  • drop by
  • schedule
  • cordially
  • RSVP
  • host
  • guest
PDF Content
  • warm-up
  • dialogue reading
  • useful expressions
  • comprehension
  • speaking practice
  • written practice
  • assessment tasks
Task Content
  • Let's Learn!(Reference)
  • Warm-Up(Reference)
  • Reading A(Reference)
  • Dialogue 1(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 2(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 3(Dialogue)
  • Reading B(Reference)
  • Reading C(Reference)
  • Reading D(Reference)
  • Pair Work(Reference)
  • Reading E(Reference)
  • Receiving Invitations(Type in the Blanks)
  • Assessment(Open-Ended Questions)