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Following Procedures

Functional English

Low Int – Int

Students review language and useful expressions for giving and following step-by-step instructions and describing a process. They also review imperative verbs and adverbs of manner. For extended learning, there is also an optional introduction to modals of advice and necessity (should).

Note: We recommend using this lesson after our beginner-level Functional English lesson on Following Instructions. Review and assessment tasks are available at the end of this lesson. Your students will watch a video to answer the questions.

  • preheat
  • initial
  • finish off
  • fresh air
  • give up easily
  • bound and determined
  • get the hang of
  • throw in the towel
  • imperative verbs
  • adverbs of manner
  • modals of advice
  • modals of necessity
PDF Content
  • dialogue
  • pair practice
  • sentence building
  • grammar review
  • group discussion question
  • review/assessment tasks (PBLA)
Task Content
  • Warm-Up(Reference)
  • Dialogue 1(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 2(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 3(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 4(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 5(Dialogue)
  • Reading A(Reference)
  • Reading B(Reference)
  • Reading C(Reference)
  • Reading D(Reference)
  • Group Work(Reference)
  • Pair Work A(Reference)
  • Pair Work B(Reference)
  • Fix the Error(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Review(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Assessment A: Listening (Video)(Multiple-Choice)
  • Assessment B: Sequencing(Sequencing)
  • Assessment C: Speaking (Speaking Task)