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Describing Experiences

In this lesson, students review words and sentence structure used for describing past experiences in small talk situations. They also practice using and identifying positive and negative adjectives.

  • How was your weekend/holiday/trip?
  • Where did you go?
  • What did you do?
  • How did it go?
  • Why? What happened?
  • Did you do anything fun/exciting/interesting?
  • adjectives (positive and negative)
  • simple past
  • participial adjectives
PDF Content
  • warm-up
  • dialogues
  • speaking practice
  • listening practice
  • grammar review
  • assessment
Task Content
  • Let's Learn!(Reference)
  • Warm-Up(Reference)
  • Listen & Repeat(Reference)
  • Usage Note(Reference)
  • Dialogue 1(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 2(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 3(Dialogue)
  • Positive Experiences(Reference)
  • Negative Experiences(Reference)
  • Listen & Respond(Multiple-Choice)
  • Participial Adjectives(Reference)
  • -Ed & -Ing Adjectives(Multiple-Choice)
  • Pair Work(Reference)
  • Review(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Assessment A: Listening (Video)(Multiple-Choice)
  • Assessment B: Speaking(Speaking Task)