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123 nouns
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Singular & Plural Nouns

The colorful picture dictionary and tasks in this new Super Simple Grammar lesson make it easy for low-level students to learn about countable nouns.

73 online privacy
Lesson of the Day

Online Privacy

In this Mini-Debates lesson, your high-level students will read an article about Facebook's historic privacy breach. They will then discuss and debate issues related to the future of online privacy.

93 holi
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March 20 is Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors! Your students will learn all about this vibrant spring festival in our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson.

Featured Lesson

Nauruz (Norooz) Festival

The Persian New Year (Nauruz, Norooz, or Nowruz) takes place on March 21. The UN recognizes this day as the International Day of Nowruz. In our featured Holidays & Events section, students read about the Persian New Year's festival (New Day). They also learn about the ceremonial table.