82 hurricanes
Science Lesson


We have received many requests recently for lessons on science topics for intermediate to advanced learners. In this lesson, your students will learn the science behind hurricanes. Students also work in groups to come up with an emergency plan to prepare for natural disasters. Find many more science-related lessons in our lesson collection on the Environment.

72 internet addiction
Featured Lesson

Internet Addiction

Do your students have an obsession with their phones? What about your colleagues and family members? Are they addicted to news feeds and social media networks?What about you? This updated Discussion Starters lesson will get your students talking about one of the most common addictions in modern society.

108 peace project
Lesson Of The Week

Peace Project

September 21 is International Day of Peace (World Peace Day). It's the perfect time to try our ready-made Group Project on Peace. In this project, groups research various people and organizations that have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Students learn the history of Alfred Nobel's most popular prize and nominate a person or organization that deserves to win next year's prize. Students also nominate their own class members to form a judging committee. The driving question for this project is: Who or what inspires you to promote peace?

For related lessons, browse our theme-based Lesson Collection on Peace.