92 making home improvements
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Making Home Improvements

In our NEW Functional English lesson, your students will review vocabulary related to measurements and home improvements. They will also learn how to express unit conversions and how to borrow basic tools. Use this lesson with our new Flashcard set of Tools.

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Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras begins on Tuesday, February 28. Use our Holidays & Events lessons to introduce your students to this festive celebration that is sometimes dubbed "the greatest party on earth." In our low- and high-intermediate lessons, students learn about Krewes, King Cake, and the symbolic colors of the parades.

88 parts of speech and conjunctions
New Lesson

Tag Questions

Your students know how to form tag questions, don't they? In this new Grammar Practice Worksheets lesson, your students will learn how to form tag questions based on positive and negative verbs with and without auxiliaries. They will also practice rising and falling intonation as they ask and answer tag questions in various written and spoken tasks.