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Lesson Of The Week

The Chilean Mine Accident

On August 5, 2010, a mine collapsed in Chile, burying 33 miners who remained trapped under the rubble for 68 days. Students learn about the ordeal, review new vocabulary, and answer comprehension questions in this Historic Events lesson.

English with The Washington Post

Walmart Pays for University

Students read about how Walmart will begin funding university tuition for its employees. Featuring content from The Washington Post, this new digital lesson includes comprehension and discussion questions.

English with The Washington Post

Biles Protects Her Mental Health

In this new, digital-only lesson featuring content from The Washington Post, students read about Simone Biles's withdrawal from the Tokyo Olympics in order to focus on her mental health. The lesson includes a vocabulary review, and comprehension and discussion questions.

Featured Grammar

First Conditional Stories

This Grammar Stories lesson is a great way for students to learn grammar in context. Students read two stories, answer comprehension questions, and practice responding to questions about themselves using the first conditional.

Featured Lesson


As wildfires occur more frequently across the globe, students may be interested to learn about their causes and effects. In this Famous Things lesson, students also review words for measuring land size and complete an optional research task.