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Hello, ESL Library teachers!

We are very excited to let you know that ESL Library has a new companion site for your students called English App. Your students can find it at EnglishApp.com.

What is English App?

English App is a companion site to ESL Library which includes digital versions of some of the ESL Library lessons. There are interactive tasks where your students can read and listen to articles online, followed by comprehension and vocabulary tasks. The site is meant to be a place where students can practice on their own.

Which lessons from ESL Library are currently available on English App?

English App is a brand-new site that was launched in September 2015. Not all of the ESL Library lessons are currently available in digital format on English App. There are currently 138 lessons available on English App for your students to access. We will be adding more lessons every month, and we expect to have an additional 150 lessons added to the site by the end of December. View the list of available lessons and ‘coming-soon’ lessons.

What can students do on English App?

Your students can use English App to read (and sometimes listen to) lesson articles online and do corresponding interactive comprehension and vocabulary tasks. They can also flag keywords in each article (as words they understand or don’t understand) and then reference those words in a special word bank for further review.

Are there interactive teacher tools to connect and communicate with your students on English App?

No, not yet. However, we are actively working on those features and hope to begin introducing some teacher tools in 2016. For now, if you want your students to practice a specific lesson online, you will need to simply tell them in class or email them the link to the lesson.

How much does English App cost and how can we order it for our school?

English App subscriptions for your students are not included with the cost of your regular ESL Library subscription. There are three pricing options:

  • Site License: Pricing is based on the number of locations. Your students can access any of the lessons on English App only while connected to your school's Wi‑Fi.
  • Per Student License: Pricing is based on the number of students you are subscribing for. Students can access their accounts from any location (home, school, or remote).
  • Individual Licenses: If your school chooses not to purchase English App for your students, you can encourage your students to join on their own for self-practice. Pricing is $9 USD / month.

To order English App for your school or to request a quote, please contact us.

How can I try it out?

If you have a paid ESL Library subscription, you can create an account at English App and get full access to try out the lessons. Here's how:

  1. Go to EnglishApp.com and click ‘Sign Up.’
  2. After creating an English App account, go to your account page by clicking your name or the menu icon.
  3. Click ‘Link to my ESL Library Account.’

You will then have full access to one teacher account (not to be shared with your students) for as long as you have an active ESL Library subscription. If you don't have an active ESL Library subscription, you can simply try out some of the free samples.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
The ESL Library Team