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Conversation Questions (Group Digital)

This digital-only version includes theme-based conversation questions that you can do with your class in an online or traditional setting using a shared screen. Work through the question sets as you're working on these themes. Click on each picture to reveal the question. You can also assign the task to your students and have them work in pairs or small groups. More themes coming soon!

Note: All of the images in these sets are from our Flashcard Library. You can design your own Conversation Question slideshow by selecting and editing flashcards and saving a set. Then use the Flashcard Player to present your questions to your class (not assignable).

PDF Content
  • Questions about Love
  • Questions about School
  • Questions about the Environment
  • Questions about Shopping & Money
  • Questions about Food & Dining
  • Questions about Media & Tech
  • Questions about Feelings
  • Questions about Weather
  • Questions about Health
Task Content
  • Love(Flashcard Set)
  • School(Flashcard Set)
  • Environment(Flashcard Set)
  • Shopping & Money(Flashcard Set)
  • Food & Dining(Flashcard Set)
  • Media & Tech(Flashcard Set)
  • Weather(Flashcard Set)
  • Feelings(Flashcard Set)
  • Health(Flashcard Set)
  • House & Home(Flashcard Set)
  • Science(Flashcard Set)
  • Law & Order (Flashcard Set)