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Digital Learning with ESL Library

Visual Learning

Lit – Adv

Digital literacy is an essential skill for today's learners. Help familiarize your students with words, buttons, and instructions they will see on ESL Library's digital platform. You can screenshare the digital resource and flashcards in a live class before your students sign up. You can also email the printable version to help those who are hesitant to try. This resource is also useful for reviewing all of the various parts of the platform after your students sign up.

Task Content
  • Digital Registration A(Image Match)
  • Digital Registration B(Image Match)
  • Digital Platform(Image Match)
  • Digital Actions(Image Match)
  • Digital Tasks A(Image Match)
  • Digital Tasks B(Image Match)
  • Digital Instructions A(Matching)
  • Digital Instructions B(Matching)
  • Reading: FAQs(Reference)
  • Comprehension(Multiple-Choice)