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Coming in August 2020

July 8, 2020

Are you planning ahead for August? Here are a few things the publishing team is working on this month.



Renting a Car

In this new lesson (Low Int – Int) from Everyday Dialogues, students will practice asking and answering questions related to car rentals.



Have you tried our new Business Matters lesson on Preparing for a Negotiation? In this follow-up lesson (High Int), students get a chance to practice their negotiating skills.


Tearing Down Statues

Are we erasing history or carrying out social justice? Get ready to moderate an important discussion with this upcoming high-intermediate Mini-Debates lesson.



We’re working on lessons for all of the vowel sounds! Watch for an upcoming lesson about the /u/ and /ʌ/ sounds in our Phonics & Pronunciation section.

Lesson Section


True Grammar Stories

We have a new blended-learning reading section coming out for low-level readers. Each True Grammar Stories lesson will focus on a grammar target and theme. In the first lesson in this section, students will read true stories about untraditional friendships. These stories focus on the simple past tense. The printable lessons in this section will contain simple readings and question sets. Extra digital tasks will be available to assign or to broadcast in an online class.

Picture Dictionary

Digitized flashcards? Yes, please! By August, we plan on having the Picture Dictionary task available in all of our digital Word Bank lessons. This summer, we’ll also be adding this assignable task to our Simple Sentences, Super Simple Grammar, and Phonics & Pronunciation sections. But don’t wait for us! You can create your own classtime slideshows with our popular Flashcard Player.

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Comments (4)

Miss Mac M.(Teacher)

Thank you for all you are doing!
Have you considered age appropriate skits for Beginner/Newcomer middle school students?
I have some true Beginners who would benefit from some basic realistic conversations in school-
Hi, can I borrow your pen? What class do you have next etc..
(actually we cannot borrow pencils in Covid can we? I sometimes wish I lived in Canada- our country is gross right now!)
I love you esllibrary!

Reply to Comment

Tammy W.(ESL Library Staff)

Hi Bray!

Thanks for the sweet feedback. We are currently working on increasing the material targeting both learning extremes (our beginners and our high advanced students).

I really love this suggestion for adding more dialogue materials for our low-level beginners (and keeping middle school level students in mind too!) Thanks for being so detailed, because that really helps us see what gaps our teachers are seeing.

For now, I've added your suggestion to our list of new content ideas and also messaged our head of Publishing, Tara, to let her know about it.

Thanks for being a supporter of our site and let us know whenever you notice any other gaps. Happy teaching!

Jaminny F.(Teacher)

You are amazing! thank you very much!

Reply to Comment

Tammy W.(ESL Library Staff)

Awwww, thank you!

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