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ESL Library may not function properly in Internet Explorer. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox instead.

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ESL Library may not function properly in older browsers. We recommend updating yours to the latest version for the best experience.

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Feature Releases & Platform Updates

May 26, 2020

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Google Single Sign-On Now Available

May 26, 2020: Teachers can now sign in or sign up quickly and easily with their Google accounts. Learn more. (Coming soon for students.)

My Classes and Results Now Merged

May 26, 2020: Looking for the Results page? Teachers can now access classes, students, and assignment results in one place called My Classes. Find My Classes under Class Prep in the navigation bar. (There is no longer a separate Results page.) After choosing a class, you can toggle between tabs for Students and Assignments. You can view results from the Assignments tab. On the Students tab, there is a new More Menu (...) where you can reset a student password or delete a student. Learn more.

Digital Task Info for Scorable Tasks Now Labeled as Answer Key

May 19, 2020: On the digital tab of a lesson page, you will now see a column called Answer Key (previously Task Info). You can preview the answers for all scorable task types. For Open-Ended Question tasks, the Answer Key will allow you to preview all the questions/prompts as well as Suggested Answers if available. Learn more.

Flashcard Player v.2 is Now Available

May 13, 2020: This updated version of our Flashcard Player includes a sidebar menu. The My Presentation submenu allows you to skip to a flashcard, rename, or remove flashcards (for the presentation only). The Settings submenu allows you to choose the default presentation style and the font style (Standard or Literacy). We’ve also made some performance improvements. More enhancements, including audio, are coming soon! Watch demo.

Task Type Names Now Visible for Teachers

May 12, 2020: Teachers can now see “the task type” below the “title” of each digital task on the digital tab (e.g., Open-Ended Questions, Multiple-Choice, Type in the Blanks, etc.). The publishing team is currently using 11 task types to create digital content. Note that a multipurpose, non-scorable task type called Reference is currently being used for a variety of instructional materials, from Read & Listen to Grammar Notes and Warm-Up/Discussion Questions. Watch a demo of every task type here.

Teachers Can Now Share Assignments on Google Classroom

May 6, 2020: Teachers can now share a digital ESL Library assignment on Google Classroom by assigning new tasks to a class and then clicking on the Share on Google Classroom icon. When your students click on the assignment in Google Classroom, they will be taken directly to the ESL Library assignment. This is the first step towards a more complete integration with Google Classroom. Watch demo.

Teacher Comments Now Possible on All Task Types

May 5, 2020: Teachers can now leave general comments for students on all scorable task types. A student will see a small speech bubble icon next to a task on their Student Dashboard if there is a comment to view. Note that comments can be edited by teachers after each attempt. However, there is only one comment field relating to all attempts, so please specify that your comment refers to a specific attempt if necessary. Watch demo.

Task Order in Results Now in Suggested Learning Order

April 28, 2020: The task order that teachers see in the Results table now matches the task order on the lesson description page. This is the suggested teaching/learning order. If you suspect your students did the tasks out of order, you can click on View and see the completed date and time for each attempt.

Task Pagination Now Available on Class Results Table

April 28, 2020: On the My Classes Results table, teachers can now easily page through tasks using a Previous and Next task button. A new, handy View Lesson link will also take you back to the Digital lesson tab for any lesson.

Students Can Now Retry Open-Ended Questions

April 25, 2020: Students can now retry Open-Ended Question tasks without teachers having to reassign the task. Teachers and students will see the results for each attempt separately just as they can with other task types.

Teachers Can Now Launch Flashcard Player Directly from Manage Flashcards

April 23, 2020: Teachers can now launch a flashcard set immediately after saving the set without having to search for it in Flashcard Folders. Go to the Flashcard Library. Select the flashcards you want to present. Click Manage. Save the set to a folder. Click the Launch button directly from the Manage flashcards page. This set is also available from your Flashcard Folders area.

Detailed Results for Multiple Attempts Now Available

April 16, 2020: Teachers can now view detailed results for students’ multiple attempts on a task from the Results table. This includes answers, score, time, and completion date for each individual student attempt. Watch Demo

Broadcasting Digital Flashcards in a Live Class Is Now Available

April 14, 2020: The first phase of our Flashcard Player is now available. Teachers can now broadcast flashcards digitally from a personal Flashcard Folder. Create and save a flashcard set that you want to share in class. Go to My Flashcard Folders and click Launch on the set you want to show your class. Screenshare the set. Click on an image to show the word. Click on a word to hide the image. To make edits, go to your Flashcard Folder. More features for the Flashcard Player are coming soon. Watch Demo

Improved Navigation to Edit/Cancel Assignments and Due Dates

April 10, 2020: Tasks in the Results table now have clickable due dates. Clicking on any due date will bring teachers directly back to the Assign Tasks calendar to easily edit a due date or cancel an assignment. To cancel the whole lesson, click Cancel Assignment on each task. Hit Save.

Teacher Can Now Reset Student Passwords

April 10, 2020: Teachers can now perform a temporary password reset for students who forget their passwords. To do this, a teacher goes to My Classes and searches for the students in their My Students list. The three dots at the end of the table has the Reset Password feature. Students can then change their temporary password to a new password in My Profile on their dashboard. Watch Demo

Feedback and Ratings Now Available for Open-Ended Questions

April 9, 2020: Teachers can now leave optional feedback and ratings for students on an open-ended question task type (e.g., Writing Practice or Comprehension Questions). Teachers will see a pen icon with the word Assess in the Results table. Students will see an icon on their own dashboards when feedback is available for viewing. More feedback tools are in the works. Watch Demo

Total Time Now Visible

April 7, 2020: Teachers can now see the Total Time a student spent on a lesson in the Results table.

Improvements to Student Log In

April 6, 2020: We have increased the size of the Log In button for students and decreased the size for the student Sign Up button. We hope this will help prevent students from making the wrong choice when they want to take the more common action of logging in. A video (Sign Up or Log In?) is also available for students who are new to this platform.

Improvements to Open-Ended Questions

April 3, 2020: We have simplified the way open-ended questions are saved and submitted to teachers. We also resolved a bug that was causing some unfinished submissions to not be saved. Watch Demo

Late Homework Now Possible

March 28, 2020: Students can now complete digital tasks after the due date has passed. The task status (for teacher and student) will show as “Late” if a student completes it after the due date.

Digital-Only Lessons Now Available

March 27, 2020:ESL Library now offers digital‑only lessons. On a lesson’s description page, the printable tab will not appear if a lesson only has a digital version. Digital‑only lessons and resources will mainly be used for content related to current events.

Improvements to Matching Tasks

March 25, 2020: Results for Matching and Image Match task types now show up in the same order as in the task itself.

Digital Task Migration Complete

March 24, 2020: The redesign and recoding of all digital task types and results is now complete. All 11 task types and corresponding results tables now feature the same framework. This allows for all tasks and results to run more efficiently on all mobile devices. Watch Demos

Improvements to Sequencing Task

March 22, 2020: The redesigned Sequencing task is live (often called Timeline, found in many Historic Events and Famous People lessons). We have rebuilt this drag-and-drop task and corresponding results on a new framework to improve performance on mobile devices.

Improvements to Put in Order Task

March 15, 2020: The redesigned Put in Order task is live (often called Story Scramble, found in many dialogue-based lessons such as Everyday Dialogues). We have rebuilt this drag‑and‑drop task and corresponding results on a new framework to improve performance on mobile devices.

Improvements to Type in the Blanks

March 12, 2020: Students can now leave gaps blank in a Type in the Blanks task. A warning shows up if students leave a field blank. They can choose to submit their answers anyway or keep working. If they choose to keep working, they will be jumped to the first empty blank.

Broadcast Tool Now Available for All

March 9, 2020: All Standard users now have access to the Broadcast tool. Teachers can broadcast all digital tasks using a shared screen. To assign the full digital suite, teachers need to subscribe to the Plus plan. Watch Demo

Improvements to Type in the Blanks

March 9, 2020: Students can now see examples in the instructions area for Type in the Blanks tasks that need more explanation.

Improvements to Type in the Blanks

March 2, 2020: Students can now fix their answers after they complete a Type in the Blanks task.

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