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How to Leave Comments on Student Homework

May 19, 2020

Improved Teacher-Student Communication

Did you know that you can now leave comments for your students at the end of all single‑answer, scorable task types (e.g., Matching, Multiple-Choice, True or False)?

The general comments area is visible after viewing your students’ results. You can also edit your comment if your student makes an additional attempt. If you have a comment relating to a specific attempt, it is a good idea to reference this in your comment. For example: Your second attempt was much better. Great work!

Your students will see a speech bubble notification on a task if you have left a new comment or edited a comment for a new attempt.

Demo of Comments Feature


For Open-Ended Question tasks, you can leave ratings and feedback.

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Comments (6)

Karen A.(Teacher)

I am very appreciative of the improvements that you continue to make on your platform. Thank you for emailing to let us know about these changes and additions as they unfold. I currently teach CLB 1L - 2 and have been able to keep my students engaged beyond my expectations with the digital content your team provides. Thank you!

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Tammy W.(ESL Library Staff)

We are so delighted to hear this! Thank you for sharing your success with us.

Our content comes alive with great teachers, so thanks for helping us shine 💖

sridatt lakhan(Guest)

I have been leaving feedback like what was shown in the examples given. Were my students able to see them in the past? Or only now they can see them with the new addition demonstrated in the video?

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Tara B(ESL Library Staff)

Hi, Sridatt! That's great. Yes, your students were able to see your feedback. We made this video a little bit after the feature was created. The most recent change is that teachers can now leave general comments on all task types (not just on Open-Ended Questions). The student has always seen a notification on the Student Dashboard, but now will probably see one more often since teachers can leave feedback for every task type.

Sharon H.(Teacher)

I made a mistake in the comment I left for my student. How can I edit my feedback?

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Lei Kayanuma(Author)

Thank you for your question, Sharon! If the feedback is for tasks that are not Open-Ended Questions, you can go into the task you would like to edit the feedback, type in the correct feedback and click on "Save Comments". The student will then find the revised feedback when they refresh their page. If it is for Open-Ended Questions, unfortunately, we do not have a feature to edit feedback for these particular tasks yet.

If you have other questions, feel free to email us at hello@esllibrary.com :)

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