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How to Write a Note

In this Writing in English lesson, your learners will find some helpful tips for writing informal notes. They practise writing a variety of notes, such as invitations, good-luck notes, and apologies. They also learn some tips for keeping their notes short and simple.

88 simple verb tenses
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Simple Present – Be

You're going to love our new Grammar Practice Worksheets lesson on the Be verb. In this lesson, your students practice forming basic affirmative and negative sentences with the Be verb. They also learn how to form Yes/No and Wh- questions. Lastly, they practice introducing themselves.

Lesson Of The Week

Nauruz (Norooz) Festival

The Persian New Year (Nauruz, Norooz, or Nowruz) takes place on March 21. The UN recognizes this day as the International Day of Nowruz. In our featured Holidays & Events section, students read about the Persian New Year's festival (New Day). They also learn about the ceremonial table, and create their own in small groups. Includes idioms related to nature.