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Featured Lesson

Universal Basic Income

The pandemic has brought renewed interest to the topic of universal basic income. Should emergency government benefits transform into a basic income? In this Discussion Starters lesson, students discuss the modern definition of “work” and the future of automation. This lesson includes a grammar review of the third conditional.

Featured Grammar


Health is a topic on everyone’s minds due to the ongoing pandemic. This Simple Sentences lesson will teach your students the vocabulary and verb tenses they need to discuss all sorts of health matters.

Featured Lesson


Not all honeybees are alike! Different types of bees perform different jobs. Your young learners will enjoy learning interesting facts about these busy bees in our featured Discovery lesson.

Lesson Of The Week

Left-Handers' Day

Only 7–10% of people are left-handed by nature. People often get teased for being left-handed, but August 13th is a day to celebrate being a southpaw! Try our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson with your English learners.

Featured Digital Lesson

Face Masks

Should children wear face masks at school? Should world leaders wear face masks? Are face masks the new normal? This featured digital-only Discussion Starters lesson will get your students talking.