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Grammar of the Week

Indigenous People – Simple Present & Past

May 5 is Red Dress Day, a day of awareness and remembrance for missing and murdered Indigenous women. In this True Grammar Stories lesson, students read three stories about Indigenous people in the simple present and past tenses. The third story is about Chantel Moore.

Lesson Of The Day

Freedom of the Press

Does freedom of the press include the right to offend? This is a great question to debate with students on May 3 for World Press Freedom Day. Our Mini-Debates lesson includes a comprehension, pronunciation practice, and useful expressions for debate.

Featured Lesson

Teachers' Day

The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week in the US and the first Tuesday is National Teachers' Day. Try our ready-made Holidays & Events lesson and get your students talking about what makes a good teacher.

Lesson Of The Week

George Lucas

In this new Famous People lesson, students learn about George Lucas, the famous movie director, producer, and writer. Students also learn new vocabulary, including space-related idioms and expressions.

Grammar of the Week

Equative, Comparative & Superlative Adverbs

In this Grammar Practice Worksheets lesson, students will learn and practice making comparisons with the equative, comparative, and superlative forms of adjectives. This lesson includes a new video on comparative adjectives, grammar notes, and a review of irregular verbs.

Featured Lesson

Mother's Day

Many countries celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. In this Holidays & Events lesson, students will learn the history of this observance and how it's celebrated in different parts of the world.