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72 police body cameras
Featured Lesson

Police Body Cameras

Do the police wear body cameras in your region? In this lesson, students learn about and discuss relevant issues including police brutality and racial discrimination. Students practice agreeing and disagreeing and review the difference between the similar words access and excess.

72 face masks
New Digital Lesson

Face Masks

Should children wear face masks at school? Should world leaders wear face masks? Are face masks the new normal? This new digital-only Discussion Starters lesson will get your students talking.

118 eh
New Lesson


In this Phonics & Pronunciation lesson, students learn to reproduce the /ɛ/ (short e) sound. They practice writing and producing this sound and compare /ɛ/ and /e/.

90 gerund and infinitive stories
Featured Grammar

Gerund & Infinitive Stories

Gerunds and infinitives can be tricky to remember, but seeing them in context helps! Your students will enjoy reading these two Grammar Stories before talking about themselves.