Your English students want to discuss real issues.

Our Discussion Starters and Mini‐Debates focus on global topics with political, social, and environmental themes.

Who says grammar can't be fun?

We develop lessons and worksheets on grammar and writing with interesting, relevant content to hold your students’ interest.

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English students love idioms.

A solid understanding of common English expressions will help your students speak English more naturally and follow conversations more easily. Use any of our dialogue lesson sections to teach modern idioms, collocations, and phrasal verbs.

The world is wonderful and complicated.

We develop English lessons that focus on world leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and social activists, as well as historical products and landmarks. Your students will improve their English skills while they learn about famous people, places, and things that have shaped our planet.

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Students need variety. Teachers need resources.

ESL Library has more than 900 ready-made, student-centered lessons and over 2000 vocabulary images for professional English teachers. Our resources are designed specifically for teaching English to older teens and adults.

Business & Travel English

Business English is in high demand these days. Our Business in English, English at Work, and Traveling in English lessons focus on language skills needed in the workplace.

Discussions & Debates

Get your students talking about real-world issues and social or cultural topics with our Discussion Starters and Mini-Debates lesson sections.

Famous People, Places & Things

Language students are more motivated when they’re learning about things that interest them. Our three Famous English series let you teach English while your students learn about important historical facts.

Grammar & Writing

Every English teacher needs an arsenal of grammar and writing exercises at their disposal. We develop worksheets and lessons with fun, student-focused tasks to keep the interest level high in your classes.

Dialogues & Idioms

Students love learning natural expressions, phrases, and idioms. We’ve developed several lesson sections that focus on everyday language through fun and engaging dialogues.

Life & Health

It’s important for English students to learn language that focuses on essential life skills. Our Living in English and Health Matters lesson sections do just that.

Holidays & Events

Each month, dig into our Holiday lesson sections to find ready-made English lessons teaching the history, culture, and customs behind some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) holidays.


We believe that visuals play an extremely important part in teaching English. We’ve developed over 2000 vocabulary images for you to easily incorporate into your lesson planning.


An organized teacher is a better teacher. With so many resources to choose from on ESL Library, take advantage of our simple folder system to store and find the resources you love.